Tuesday, 24 November 2020

My Pyramid colouring in

                          This is my pyramid that I have colored in. The reason why i chose this coloring                                           pyramid because it is easy and slow to color.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Best Day of My Life

 The Best Day of My Life 

One morning I went bowling with my cousins. My cousins’ names are Zion, Ava, Leka, Bronx, Ezekiel and Armani. When we went in we saw heaps of games around. We went to go pay for bowling and get some sports shoes to play the game. Our parents paid for the game and the shoes. We got some tickets and then went to go start the game.

I was the first one to take the ball and roll it. I got 5 out and 3 in so I got 24 points and my cousin Leka got all of them out so she got 50 points. Then we had more fun when we went to go and see if there were more games to play.

We found this cool game called bump car. Ava, Leka and I went on it. The colours of the cars were green, blue, purple, pink and red. I went on  the red car and my little cousin Ava chose a blue car. Leka went on the purple car.Then we started the cars. We were bumping each other so much. We only had 40 minutes but it was really fun.

The boys were at laser tag and when we were finished we went to go see how the boys were playing. They had plenty of  time to play.

Later we went home and our grandad went to go and pick up the boys from lazer tag and drop them home. It was a really fun day.


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

My whakapapa

                       My Whakapapa Journey

Kia ora my name is Upu and i am 10 years old  and I will be sharing my whakapapa with you. I have made my family into a koru picture. This shows people in my family and how important  they are to me. The purple koru in the middle is my great great grandma who passed away a long time ago. The little green koru one is my baby brother who always makes me laugh. The biggest koru on the left is my uncle and he has two kids. Their names are Bronx who is 10 years old and Ava who is 5 years old. Sometimes they come to sleep over at my house. On the right I have drawn two dark green koru. These are my special Nana and Papa that look after me.6

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Collaborative Creature

Last week we made a collaborative creature together. I drew a dog's head and then I had to fold over the paper and give it to another person to draw a body. Jacob drew a rabbit's body on my head. Then in the end, Jamie drew a mermaid's tail. When I got my picture back from Jamie, I opened it and it was colourful and beautiful. I enjoyed doing this activity. I named my creature Doggy-rab-mer.